The mission of ArtsSmarts is to offer learners the chance to learn subject matters in a cross-curricular approach through the Arts. The program aims at encouraging learners to develop their knowledge and skills by participating in a creative process. The program will engage learners in artistic learning experiences that will develop supporters and practitioners of the arts and nurture creative/ innovative thinkers. 

The program aims at encouraging students to develop their intellectual skills by participating in arts activities. It is hoped as well that the program will engage Canadians in artistic activities with a view to developing supporters and practitioners of the arts and to nurturing creative thinkers.

Please download the Learning Experience Description  2021 - 2022 form and get started on your ArtsSmarts project.

The ArtsSmarts PEI coordinator is available by telephone, via email, or in person upon appointment (all regions) to assist applicants in the initial process.  Please note the Project Description submission date is November 30, 2021.

Once completed and signed, please send to the address included on the form.



ArtsSmarts PEI

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