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Contact person: Kelly Adams
Artist(s) involved: Maurice Bernard and Adam Bassett
Project Title: Building a Community / Up Close and Personal in a Maritime Fishing Community

The students created a three-dimensional table top model of a fishing
community with elements from different communities, past and present.
Building the 3-D table top model of a fishing community provided the
basis to showcase a wide array of talent. Some students flourished in
the planning, detailing, and mapping of the project.

ArtsSmarts quotes

"I like to do art with any friends because I do better on it and it is good to work together because it is always good to be a community too."
"My ArtsSmarts experience, I liked it because I learned about a fishing community and how to make a 3-D table top model. I made a car out of play doe."

Quotes from parents/teachers

"A wonderful opportunity to learn."
"Well done. It gives the kids a better chance to understand their surrounding areas and culture."

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