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Ecole Évangéline: First project

Évangéline region

Contact person: Denise Millett-Caissie
Artist(s) involved: Anne Gallant
Project Title: Les gens de par chez nous

Students published a book that described the lifestyle of the Acadians
of years gone by and compared this to today’s lifestyles. Students
sketched drawings and developed the text as part of their research.
Multiple outcomes are included in this project through Arts, Science and

Students had to collect information and interview the people they had
chosen for their project. They also had the opportunity to visit the
Musée acadien in Miscouche, and learn drawing and painting techniques.

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"It was fun and I learnt how to draw. And now, I know how to draw and paint!"
"I got to know people who had an impact on the lifestyle."
"I made a story on Acadian heros."
"I felt that this project was really interesting and I had a lot of fun."

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