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Kensington Intermediate Senior High


Contact person: Sally MacDonald
Artist(s) involved: Troy Little, Erwin Balderstone, Darlene Balderstone
Project Title: Multimedia Adventures

This project proposed the creation of a short animation or video. This
cross-curricular project allowed students to explore the art of
animation and film making.

Artistic tasks performed by all students through this project were :
selecting topics and media (clay animation, drawing animation or video)
for their project; planning and writing a story; creating and editing
music, making special effect sounds and other audio; creating clay
figures and props for animation; designing costumes, props and scenery
for video; dramatizing various actions for the story using clay figures
and animated drawings or acting in video; planning and creating lighting
to affect mood and atmosphere in the movie; planning camera angles,
positions, shot length; designing, drawing, and editing images for
animation, and editing video footage.

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